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JURA fire pit

JURA fire pit

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JURA is the fire pit in a combination of clean, tight lines and round shapes that will look great on every terrace. It is perfect. This model can also be made in stainless steel. The legs are handmade from high-quality stainless steel.

The fire pit can be used with a grill grate. It comes with a wooden handle and can be placed in 6 different heights.

Also for those who like to cook directly on coals, we can offer a lid, which will ensure a high temperature inside the fire pan. Or you can use the cover to hide the bowl from rain.


The fire pit made of 3.2 mm steel. Legs - stainless steel.


Ø79 x H33 cm; Weight - 19 kg;


It is important to observe fire safety rules: the fire should never be unattended, the heated pan should never be removed and placed on flammable surfaces. Plastic, rubber and other highly flammable materials must not be burned. Use firewood or coal.


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