Small, reliable and proud.

Our collection is the result of partnerships with creative people who create and make firepits, furniture, linen and other interior details inspired by manufacturing and Nordic style.

Solid fire pits

High-quality fire pans that last for many years.

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Exciting interior details

Natural and environmentally friendly interior details.

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Linen products of top quality

Unique handmade linen products.

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Handmade furniture

Characterized by clean lines and natural colours.

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Hooks and coat racks

Made of oak and steel.

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  • "In collaboration with skilled artists and architects, we create unique products in linen fabric".
  • "When we develop products, we focus on finding solutions that reduce our environmental impact".
  • "The joy of creation is our driving force. Our goal - to create simple things that will help a modern person rediscover their connection with nature".
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