By shopping in the husstudio.no online store, a transaction is made between you as the buyer and Jefremovas-Petronis HUS Studio ENK, org no.: 916752415, e-mail kundeservice@husstudio.no, tel. no. +47 998 71 797, as the seller. By purchasing, the buyer accepts our terms and conditions of sale and delivery. When the buyer shops in the husstudio.no online store, his or her rights and obligations are regulated by the following laws:

Contracts Act, Consumer Purchases Act, Marketing Act, Right of Withdrawal Act, E-commerce Act.

Remember that the buyer must be 18 years of age to be able to shop at husstudio.no.

The prices stated in the online shop include VAT. Any shipping costs will be added to the checkout before the buyer accepts and completes the order. The total costs the buyer must pay, including shipping, will be stated before the buyer confirms his final order. The agreement he or she enters into with us is binding for both parties once the buyer's order has been received by the seller. The order confirmation the seller sends to the buyer is a receipt. If the buyer discovers an error in his order after it has been sent, the seller asks to contact us as soon as possible.

Price adjustments may be made at any time without notice.

In rare cases, the price may be incorrect. If the buyer purchased a product at an obviously incorrect price, the seller contacts him or her. The seller reserves the right to adjust the price and debit the difference, or let the buyer cancel the purchase and receive a refund. The seller also reserves the right for typographical errors and errors in the seller's marketing, newsletters and other external communications. In these channels, the same conditions apply as for obvious incorrect prices on the website.

The seller reserves the right that product information on the website may be inaccurate due to printing errors or technical errors. Please note that product images on the website may sometimes differ from reality and are not always an accurate representation of the actual product. Colors, materials and appearance may vary due to image quality and screen settings.

Seller is exempt from prosecution for failure to complete certain obligations under this agreement if the failure is due to exculpatory prosecutors as described below and the circumstances prevent, hinder or delay completion.

As a liberating factor shall be considered i.a. action or omission by the authorities, new or amended legislation, conflict on the labor market, blockades/strikes, fire, flood, sabotage or accidents of greater scope. Force majeure includes government regulations that affect the market and products negatively or an abnormal decline in the market, such as e.g. restrictions, warnings, sales bans, etc., abnormal decline in the market and whether the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.

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