About us

HUS Studio is a creativity-driven partnership between young designers who create and make fire pits, furniture and other interior details inspired by manufacturing and Nordic style.

Through a combination of steel and other natural materials such as wood, ceramics and textiles, we create lines that can be easily incorporated into an existing environment.

We believe that products in exciting shapes and designs can play on many emotions. To achieve this, we dare to experiment, but at the same time ensure that our products remain practical and functional.

The production process combines the latest technologies and handwork, which gives our products the highest quality and at the same time an aesthetic appearance.

Where did we start? 

We started working in Oslo in 2016, and offered several models of quality fire pans. Our products have taken their rightful place in the market, and thanks to good feedback from our customers, we continue to work.

What are we doing today?

We continue to work with the ARPE STUDIO brand and begin to cooperate with other Lithuanian manufacturers of quality products, such as JAUKUS NAMAI (with the brand KIMONO EXCLUSIVE LINEN) and NAMUOS. We want to expand the range and we will be able to offer different types of fire pits, grills and furniture, unique textiles and interior details.

Legal name: Jefremovas-Petronis HUS Studio;

Org no.: 916 752 415;

Postal address: Hoffsveien 88, 0377 Oslo;

Telephone: 998 71 797;

E-mail: kundeservice@husstudio.no