Frequently asked questions about fire pans


What kind of metal are the fire pits made of?

All fire pits are made of different types of metal such as black steel, corten steel or stainless steel.

Is it dangerous for the surface underneath to be heated?

Based on several tests we have carried out and customer feedback, it has not emerged that the floor below would be damaged. The fire pits are placed on legs at different heights, and the lower the pit is placed, the more heat reaches the floor. The GRACE fire pit is not recommended for use on a wooden deck, as the bottom accumulates a lot of heat inside.

Of course, it is important to observe fire safety rules: the fire should never be unattended, the heated pit should never be removed and placed on flammable surfaces. Plastic, rubber and other highly flammable materials must not be burned. Use firewood or coal.

Is it possible to cook in these pits?

Yes, it is possible to put grill grates on several fire pits (Yanartas, Cube, Crate, Etna, etc.), so that you can grill different foods. You can also wrap food in aluminum foil and place the packages directly on the charcoal (possibly cover with the lid).

What are the benefits of your fire pits?

Our fire pits are made of thicker steel than usual. Most fire pits on the market are made of steel that is 1.5 mm thick, while we use steel up to 3.2 mm thick, i.e. more than twice as thick.

Consequently, our fire pits last longer, we offer a 10-year guarantee.

When we make them, we want to combine functionality, ease of use and high quality. And with all this, we want to pass on our creativity. So we end up with a solid and long-lasting product.

Also for those who like to cook directly on coals, we can offer a lid, which will ensure a high temperature inside the fire pit.

Are there any downsides to your fire pits?

They are quite heavy and big, so it's a bit difficult to transport them or take them on a trip :) After all, it's easier to buy a disposable grill with prepared coals, which you can put in your backpack and grill on it right away . But since we do not focus on producing disposable or short-lived products such as mass production, also due to our opinion that it pollutes the environment, we want to make long-lasting, solid, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing products. And it inspires us to look for the balance between nature and human life, to continue creating products that incorporate themselves into nature and the environment. You can check it by visiting our website.

Do you offer other products?

We also offer other interior and exterior products (linen products, hooks, tablecloths, magazin holders, etc.).


How long does delivery take?

Up to 5-14 working days. It depends on the season, delivery region and schedule of delivery services.

What are the payment or return terms (including defective items)?

You can pay with VISA, MASTERCARD bank card, Vipps, Klarna and invoice. Defective products can be returned or replaced within a couple of weeks. Read more under legal information.