The seller uses cookies to provide the buyer with a better service on the website. Only activities on our website are registered and stored (among other things via Google Analytics).
Information cookies are small text files (session cookies and permanent cookies) that are used to manage the buyer's choices on the website (session cookies) and are stored (permanent cookies) on the buyer's computer when the buyer downloads a website, and are used to optimize the website's function and customize it according to the buyer's wishes. Permanent cookies are used for statistical purposes, storage of searched files and to keep track of which language is used; this means that the buyer can be recognised, as for example on a website, the next time you visit the page. The information that is stored can be information about how buyers act and use our websites, which browser they have used and which experiences they have seen. Cookies make it possible for the seller to understand the buyer's behavior on the website, so that the seller can improve the user experience.

The buyer can at any time configure his browser so that the cookies are not downloaded on his or her platform; the buyer can change the settings in their browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) to have control over which cookies it stores.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be used to help the seller make the website work better and help us understand which parts of the website are being used. Google Analytics uses technical tools such as first-party cookies and JavaScript code to collect information about visitors. Google Analytics tracks visitors to the page who have enabled JavaScript. Google Analytics anonymously tracks how visitors use the website.

First-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the double-click cookie) will be used to report how ad impressions and other use of ad services are linked to visits to this page.

Social media plugins

The seller's website can use social media plug-ins so that the buyer can easily share information with others. When the buyer visits our websites, the operator of the social media plug-in may place a cookie on his or her computer that enables that operator to recognize individuals on their website who have previously visited the seller's website. If the buyer has previously logged in to the media website when he or she has surfed our website, social media add-ons may enable the social media to receive information that directly identifies him or her, showing that the buyer has visited the seller's website. Social Media Plugins also allow the Social Media Website to share information about the Buyer's activities on the Website with other users of their Social Media Website. For more information about add-ons from social media websites, the buyer should see those sites' privacy statements and data sharing statements. reserves the right to adjust and adapt this declaration, for example in the event of changes to regulatory requirements. If significant changes are made, the seller will inform about this on the website.

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